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Please help me get harness racing trending
on Facebook and Twitter or your fav social media outlet.
Check out the funky hashtag graphic I made for
Foiled Again and Bee A Magician and Captaintreacherous!

Foiled Again is the richest Standardbred in harness racing history with $6 Million in Earnings. This little guy with a huge heart was voted - Older Pacer of the year in 2011, 2012 and 2013.
He was also the Overall Pacer of the Year in 2011.
Foiled Again still competes in the highest classes of the sport!
Use the hashtag #FoiledAgainForever when posting about him
to get the conversation going large on social media!

Captaintreacherous was voted the 2012 Pacer of the Year
as a two year old AND the 2013 Pacer of the Year at age three! 
The multi-millionaire stud became the first horse to win back-to-back Pacer of the Year honors since Jenna’s Beach Boy in 1995-96.
And, how 'bout this..."The Captain" joined Niatross as the only other horse to be Pacer of the Year at ages 2 and 3!
If you scroll down further on this page,
 there is much more on pace-alicious guy!
Use the hashtag #GoCaptain2014 when posting about him!

Bee A Magician was undefeated in her 17 starts last season and she was voted the Harness Horse of the Year honor in both the United States and Canada. Queen Bee as she is called became the first 3-year-old filly trotter to receive the Dan Patch Award for Horse of the Year since Continentalvictory in 1996.
In her two years on the racetrack, the daughter of Kadabra has earned $2.3 million making her the only filly (trotter or pacer) in history, to go over $2 million in purses. Also, her 1:51 victory in last year’s Delvin Miller Memorial is the fastest mile ever by a 3-year-old filly trotter. Now as a 4-year-old, she just started her 2014 season on the racetrack for trainer Nifty Norman.

Use the hashtag #QueenBee2014 when posting about her
to get the conversation going large on social media!

I Heart Horse Racing!
Join me in a mission to spread the excitement of the sport!
Here are some super-easy ideas...

You’ve heard this one a million times,
and now you get to hear it a million and one times.
E-mail or call the sport editor at the local newspaper
or the sportscaster at the local TV station!
Tell them you want to see more harness racing covered
OR tell them about a human interest story in the area
OR just tell them "Thanks" for covering the sport!
A note from a fan goes a looong way, and, as you can imagine, a note from a bunch of fans goes even further!
After you read your recent harness racing magazine,
drop it off in the waiting area when you get your car serviced or at the doctor's office or even hand it off to a person
who isn’t familiar with the Standardbred sport.
Another idea mentioned to me once was to leave
one laying around an airport, where obviously people
are looking to grab something to read.

With so much information available on the internet,
you wouldn’t think many people go to the library,
but they are just as popular! I take my boys a couple times
a month and the library is still a happenin’ place.
How about buying a subscription to a harness racing magazine and donating it to your local library
or buy some books about our sport from the
Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame and donating them?!

A ‘Name The Foal’ contest doesn’t have to be done just at a racetrack. You can do something like this at your favorite hair salon or with your weekly wine tasting group (that could be the perfect place to come up with some interesting names).
It gets people talking about the sport and there’s that fun
of naming a baby and you can take the winner
to the track for dinner as a prize.


Ok, so that quote was not exactly written with the future
of harness racing in mind, but you see where I’m going
with this. In order for the next generation to be involved with this great, amazing, exciting sport, WE must expose it to them.
Visit a school and talk about the sport on career day!
Or have the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts out to your farm
and help them earn a badge!
Need stuff to hand out? The Harness Horse Youth Foundation is a necessity in Standardbred racing and I can not say enough good things about them. They can send you all kinds of goodies and usually only ask for the price of the postage.

Why go to dinner and a movie at TWO locations...
when you can have dinner and the excitement
of horse racing at ONE location?
And have you been to the movies lately? It’s so expensive!
That money you were going to spend paying Matthew McConaughey’s salary (although, I do love that man)
and paying for popcorn that has been marked up 700%
(I’m not making that figure up) can go toward
'picking the ponies' and perhaps even winning a few bucks
at track. And, if your date doesn’t want to go to the races because he or she is not open to something new and awesome,
then I suggest you dump him or her immediately.

While major newspapers already have professional photographers covering stories, there are so many local weekly papers out there that LOVE to print photography submissions from readers. It’s not like you are entering a contest.
Just snap a photo of your kid giving a smooch on the nose
of his favorite harness horse and email it in with the details. Weekly newspapers are always looking for material about local peeps. Give them a reason to call you for an interview.

If you're a member of a club, have a group party at the track and sponsor a blanket race. My friend Marianne Callahan (yes, the same person who put together the owners group
- Housewives of Delaware - made up of all ladies who had never been in the business before) recently put together a gathering at the races with 50 members of a local club
she belongs to...but she added some flair to it!
The United States Trotting Association sent some recent
 Hoof Beats to her and she asked me for a couple Tim Tetrick bobbleheads to give out as door prizes too. That’s a great idea! There are so many ways to jazz us a group event
and have each person go home with a little token
to remind them of how much fun they had.  

Tell everyone you know how passionate you are about sport! You don’t have to start with the history of Dan Patch,
but at least be willing to share and show your enthusiasm.
Bring it up when you’re getting a mani/pedi
or mention how excited you are at the cash register
when you buy that perfect dress for Sun Stakes Saturday! (Forgive me, I’m a girly girl. So I use girly girl analogies,
but I’m sure you can make macho-testosterone-filled type substitutions for the above situations.)

It’s August! It’s Saturday! It’s The Hambletonian!
And it’s the perfect reason to throw a party!
Breeders Crown...perfect reason!
North America Cup...perfect reason!
I totally love a shin-dig with a theme.
With a little imagination, think of all the trot-abulous, pace-alicious ideas you can come up with!
Have a creative betting pool! Invent fun drinks!
I’ll take a Double Donato Hanover on the rocks, please!

In addition to posting about going to the gym and doing your laundry on Facebook or Twitter, why not say something about a major race featuring a popular four-legged superstar
or share an interesting racing story you just read?!
I know many people do post about their favorite horses
but it would be great if everyone would
promote that major upcoming stakes event, as well.
Everyone on Facebook has “friends” who are not in the business and by publicizing a big race or a stellar celebrity Standardbred, it helps keep the sport on people’s minds.
Get them to wonder how a particular superstar finished
AND when that horse is going to race again...
You can continue to keep them updated by posting
something on your Facebook or Twitter newsfeed each week!  

I’m stopping here and I would love to keep going on,
but I’ve got some Youth Beats magazines
to deliver to the local library and a couple schools....
OH! Make that one #12!!!



Sunday, February 23 - Dover Downs, Delaware
I produced this video along with Faust Video


Here is the highlights video with interviews courtesy of
The United States Trotting Association!


In Chinese astrology, this Horse year is considered
a fortunate season that brings luck & good things.

From the bottom of my harness hear
t, I am wishing you many trips to victory lane and safe journeys around the track!
Thank you in advance for sharing this upcoming,
exciting year in the sport with me!


Are you born duri
ng a Horse Year?
The following from

People born in Horse years (2014, 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, 1930, 1918, 1906) are bright, cheerful, popular, and fun loving. They find people and crowds exciting, and love parties. Horse’s childish innocence, sunny disposition, and natural charm attract many friends. Horse is a highly intuitive animal, so people born in Horse year follow their hunches. Their keen judgment and natural intuition often help them make the right decisions throughout their life. Usually they don’t need to struggle in order to succeed and obtain the fine things life has to offer.

Horses have a carefree nature & need ample room for self expression. When constrained by rules, proud Horse will rebel, refusing to be corralled or tamed. Horses will tell you exactly what is on their mind; they are frank and dislike hidden agendas.
So this is the time for issues to be out in the open,
especially with family members.
Post Time Year In Review
Here's a look at highlights from 2013 on Post Time!



 Anthony Coletta was recently involved in a nasty horse racing accident at Harrah's Philadelphia and is in critical condition. I'm touched and amazed at how the Facebook & Twitter communities have come together asking for prayers. I have no doubt, no hesitation & no second-guessing
that PRAYERS PRODUCE MIRACLES. I see it everyday!
Please pray for Anthony and for those who are part of prayer groups please add him to your list and tell family & friends to pray for his recovery. It's unbelievable what can happen when you flood the Heavens with a request. I took a peak at his Facebook page and it's obvious from his previous postings that he also believes in God's love and healing. Blessings to you and thanks to the loving harness racing community and beyond!

“Stay Strong A. Coletta”
c/o TD Bank - 2653 S. 5th St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19148
Keep the prayers coming


Thank you to Harness Racing Update
for my off-the-hoof ad!

HRU is a newsletter that's informative (and very often sassy)
and it comes right to your email and it's FREE!
Sign up at harnessracingupdate.com

This Summer I was shooting my Post Time Show, which airs on the local CBS affiliate in Delaware, Maryland & Virginia.
And, well, I had a little something unexpected happen...

Thanks to harness racing enthusiast Allan Schott for saying such sweet things about me following the craziness of this mishap!

Check out my VIDEO page for more info on the harness racing television programs I'm involved with - PA Harness Week covers great racing from
Harrah's Philadelphia, Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs...
and top races everywhere. As always, I am working hard on my "Post Time" Show, airing on the local Delmarva Peninsula CBS affiliate.
I'm very proud of my two harness racing shows that I host!


I bite my nails & drink way too much coffee -
now I have another another addiction...WATCHING THE CAPTAIN CAM!!!
Click on the pic & it will take you to the LIVE video stream
from the stall of sidewheeling superstar Captaintreacherous.

He was the 2012 AND 2013 United States Pacer of the Year!

Jump on the
Captaintreacherous bandwagon with me!
He's a certified rock star in the sport!
Wanna know more about this four-legged phenom?
Check out the video below!
This is a feature I made with Faust Productions for my Post Time show that airs in Delaware, Maryland & Virginia. It's really cute and funny!
I hope you love it as much as I loved putting it together!


look who is on facebook!!!
The gutsy pacesetter Golden Receiver has his own Facebook page! www.facebook.com/goldenreceiver1

This is another great way to get new people involved in the sport!
  Have a personal involvement with Standardbred racing by having a superstar horse as your FB buddy! And encourage others to "friend" Golden Receiver on Facebook!

Please take a moment and learn more about
Christian Harness Horsemen's Association.
Click on the logo & check out the website!

 please stay connected with me
each day via Facebook and Twitter!

Love & Blessings,

"TV Personality * Compassionate Firework"
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